How to contribute: Create a github repository to configure your device using Makefiles. Add the file "tuxconfig" to the root of your github repository. The following lines need to be added: device_ids="" whitespace delimited device ids. include surrounding zeros at the start and end of the id where applicable. tuxconfig_module="" The module to be inserted to the kernel using modprobe. dependencies="" The dependencies to be added by apt-undo (an apt-get clone which accepts the same parameters). test_program="" The (graphical) program to be run to ensure the device works correctly*. test_message="" A message to the user to ask if the afformentioned test program worked. restart_needed="" Defines if a reboot is needed for this device install, "yes/no". *Test program should use the format "sudo -u\#$PKEXEC_UID \" as the shell will run as root user. This will run applications as the calling user. Submit your repository at Contribute repository Checks will be made on your code and the configuration will go live from out database as soon as it has been verified to not be malicious. To thank you for your contribution your details will be referenced in cases where your install is used successfully.